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“Anatoa Wapi Pesa?” KRG The Don Flaunts His Massive Ranch In Naivasha

Renowned artist KRG the Don has once again made waves, this time by adding a sprawling ranch to his already impressive portfolio of expensive assets.

KRG  took to his Instagram stories to showcase the vastness of his new acquisition, expressing his intent to make it his permanent residence.

In a series of video clips, KRG the Don offered his followers a glimpse of the expansive ranch, emphasizing that this picturesque locale is where he envisions spending the rest of his life.

The artist, who is no stranger to a luxurious lifestyle, seems to have found solace and joy in the serene surroundings of his newly acquired property.

However, not everyone in the family shares the same enthusiasm for rural living. KRG humorously revealed that while he is reveling in the idea of life on the ranch, one of his sons is less than thrilled with the prospect of residing in a “shamba” (farm or rural area). In a light-hearted manner, KRG shared this family moment, highlighting the generational gap in perspectives on lifestyle choices.

In a reflective caption accompanying one of the videos, KRG the Don pondered on the changing dynamics of being disliked, suggesting that in the past, animosity was a consequence of wrongdoing, whereas in the present, it might signify success.

Undeterred by any potential negativity, he proudly declared his current location saying “Niko kwa Ranch kabisa” (I am at my ranch).

“Before when someone hated you it meant you did something wrong.These days it means you did something right. #Bughaaa niko kwa Ranch kabisa!” He says.

The artist’s decision to share the journey to his ranch provides fans with a closer look at the vast expanse of his newfound haven and riches.


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