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Amber Ray Comes Clean On Using Witchcraft To Win Over Married Men

Amber Ray was photographed in a witchdoctor’s shack years ago and ever since then she has been accused of using witchcraft to ensnare married men.

Amber Ray was first accused of using black magic to win over married men sometimes in 2016 when she eloped with prominent Kisii politician Zaheer Jhanda.

Jhanda’s first wife Aaliyah posted on Facebook that Amber Ray had gone to a witchdoctor so that she could get love portions to charm her husband.

Complete with photographic evidence of Amber Ray in a shack, holding two chickens, one white and black, and covered from head to toe in strange clothing, Aaliyah said the picture was taken in a witchdoctor’s den where Amber had gone to seek portions to ensnare Jhanda.

The socialite has had flings with at least four married men leading to her being christened ‘notorious husband snatcher’.

Witchcraft claims against Amber Ray propped up again in March 2022 while she was embroiled in a beef with Nicah.

Speaking to Word Is after launching her music career, Amber Ray insisted that she has never used witchcraft to win over rich men in her life.

“That is a very personal and deep story to me, and one day I will speak. I don’t want to be emotional right now. I don’t need to go to any mganga to get a man. I mean, look at me,” said Amber Ray.

She added that;

“Sometimes, people are just too much. You have to give them what they want to hear. The people that matter most in my life know me well.”

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