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Amber Ray Blasts Andrew Kibe As She Accuses Him Of Soliciting Sexual Favors From His Late Sister

Socialite Faith Makau, alias Amber Ray, has responded to Andrew Kibe’s recent criticism on her relationship with the Kennedy Rapudo, pregnancy, son and for calling her a prostitute

Amber took to Insta stories and wrote lengthy paragraphs on her thoughts about the former radio presenter.

The mother of one referred to Kibe as a great grandfather who has no clear vision, no family, broke and yet he is in his 50s. She also said he is abusive.

“Andrew Tate Wannabe. Allow me guys to ta step out of character and respond to words uttered by my former pastor who retired prematurely as he does with everything else.

“I mean he is 50, he has no clear vision, no money and yet married to his job. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Babu wa Mama is not a conman but only broke thus unable to pay debts for as low as Kshs2.5million even after being given a chance for 7 years,” she stated.

According to Amber, Kibe also solicited sexual favors from his sister but unfortunately she died.

“When she(the sister) finally gathered strength and walked away, he was so angry that even in her death, this man never mourned her . He had already mourned enough for her while she was alive,” Amber said.

Kibe targeted Amber Ray recently, after her lavish baby shower, saying that she got pregnant for Kennedy Rapudo because he has money unlike Diana Marua who was not smart enough.

He also said that Amber had weakened her son.

“This boy is going to grow up very soft because the mum has weakened him. Imagine the boy is celebrating the mum’s pregnancy. That time the mum’s belly is all the way out there,” Kibe said in his commentary.




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