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Amber Ray And Her Fiancé Rapudo Contradict As They Address Break Up Rumors

Socialite Amber Ray and her fiancé Kennedy Rapudo have left their fans in confusion while addressing their alleged break-up.

Netizens believe that the two are no longer together after each of them wiped out photos of the other on their respective social media channels.

The break-up was further fueled by Rapudo’s cryptic message on his Instagram account.

“Sometimes holding on, does more damage than letting go,” he said.

The couple has however taken the initiative to clarify the matter. First, it was Rapudo who said that they have not broken up and they were just having a difficult moment in their relationship, which is normal.

“Just to address some of your concerns and rumors- not that I owe anyone an explanation though. No we haven’t broken up and at this stage I don’t think it is foreseeable. Yes just like any other relationship, we have our own ups and downs but we always try to work things out,” he said on Wednesday.

Raoudos Insta story

While Rapudo is still clinging on the relationship, Amber Ray on the other hand has insinuated that they are done and dusted.

The mother of one posted on Insta stories a photo explaining how women react to the question of being single after breaking up with their man.

Screenshot of Ambers Insta story that she shared on Thursday


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