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“Ulitoa Mimba?” Amber Ray Allays Fears She Aborted Her Pregnancy Amid Breakup With Rapudo

Amber Ray lost her pregnancy after breaking up with Jamal Rohosafi but this time round she is keep not to repeat that mistake.

The socialite is thought to have broken up with Kennedy Rapudo has they have both deleted each others photos and also unfollowed each other on social media.

The pair only announced that they were expecting their first child together in January.

Netizens have been asking Amber Ray about her pregnancy ever since news about her breakup with Rapudo surfaced.

The socialite was initially pissed with netizens asking her if she aborted or has kept the pregnancy following the breakup.

However, Amber Ray ultimately assured her fans that she will keep the pregnancy whether Rapudo will be there with her or not.

She further bragged that she is in a position to comfortably take care of the baby without upkeep from its father.

“Lol, this baby is here to stay whether baba ako or not coz I can comfortably be both…bila drama za pesa ya upkeep,” Amber Ray responded to a fan who asked about her pregnancy.

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