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“Alikua Anameza Madawa!” Akothee Reveals 5 Reasons She Ended Marriage To Omosh Schweizer

“He rarely ate at home! He was having dinner dates with other women!” Akothee rants.

It seems there were several reasons behind Akothee’s decision to end her marriage with Mr. Denis Schweizer popularly known as Omosh.

Akothee noticed red flags when Mr. Omosh refused to submit documents for their planned wedding in Switzerland. This push and pull raised concerns about his commitment to the marriage or his transparency in the relationship. It seemed like he was hiding something.

Madam Boss also discovered that Mr. Omosh was bipolar and was undergoing medication for the condition. It appears that she was unaware of this aspect of his health, which could have influenced his earlier relationship dynamics especial considering he had an ex who passed away.

Despite cooking for Mr. Omosh, Akothee observed that he rarely ate at home and preferred to eat out, especially during dinner dates with friends. This behavior raised questions about their shared domestic life and his commitment to spending time together at home after she found out about his peculiar moves and excuses.

Akothee further claimed that Mr. Omosh was often accompanied by ladies she didn’t know during their dinner dates. This revelation brought possible concerns about fidelity and transparency in their relationship, especially considering he was her husband.

Akothee described Mr. Omosh as manipulative and emotionally challenging. She found his behavior along the way in their marriage to be controlling or harmful on an emotional level.

These were the main factors collectively and many others that contributed to Akothee’s decision to end her marriage with Mr. Omosh.

Madam Boss revealed the details in an interview with Tanzanian US-based blogger Mange Kimambi.


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