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Ali Kiba On Why He Snubbed Collabo With Willy Paul, Opens Up On His Song With Bahati

Ali Kiba, Willy Paul and Ommy Dimpoz collaborated on a song titled Nishikilie in August 2019.

Ali Kiba however did not promote the music on his socials thus raising lots of questions among fans and followers.

The King of Bongo has however come out to explain what transpired, revealing that he did not get access to promotional materials.

“There was no reason but I just didn’t get materials to post and support. Currently you have to prepare materials for posting an promoting music. If I didn’t post it then I didn’t get the video. You have to send an artist that you have worked with materials to post and prepare him and if he doesn’t post that is it, it means that he doesn’t want to support but if you send him and he posts it means he is ready to support,” he said in a interview with Mzazi Willy M. Tuva recently.

At the time the song was released, he did not manage to get in touch with Willy Paul. He however pointed out that the song did well.

“I did manage to even communicate with Willy Paul. I came to talk to him later but the song did very well,” Ali Kiba said.

At the same time, he talked about his collabo with Bahati which is yet to be released

“I don’t know bro. I think he looked for me but he didn’t get me. The song is a nice one. Bahati is so different in the song. He has a great talent, he is a youth who can do great things if he is given a chance. He surprised me how he changed. I don’t know why it is delaying, ask Bahati,” the Mahaba singer said.

In March last year, Bahati revealed that his song with Ali Kiba was ready and they were set to release it. However till date, the duo have not recorded its video.



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