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Akothee Responds Politely After Being Told To Give Omosh Her Rose Coco After A Long Dry Spell 

Akothee and Omosh had been far apart for a long time as the former was in Kenya while the latter was in Europe.

The mother of five recently embarked on a trip to Europe to visit her children and partake in other businesses.

A concerned netizen implored Akothee to make sure she visits Switzerland to give her husband Omosh his conjugal rights.

“Aki make sure umepita Switzerland, Omosh ame miss hiyo rose coco,” Geoffrey Nyakwara commented on Akothee’s post.

In a quick rejoinder, Akothee laughed off the comment and told Geoffrey Nyakwara that Omosh had already chewed her multiple times.

“Geoffrey Nyakwara alikula from Monday,” Akothee wrote.

Akothee and Omosh, who only got married on April 10, 2023, spend time between Kenya and Europe.

Omosh is based in Switzerland and Akothee lives in Kenya. The couple however jaggle time between Europe and Africa.

The duo is still seeking to have their first child together after losing their unborn baby.

Akothee was heavily pregnant with baby number six in December 2022 before she suffered a stillbirth.

Omosh and Akothee lost their unborn baby through a miscarriage.

The singer only announced that she was pregnant on November 19, 2022, when she shared a photo of her baby bump.

“Nyar/ wuod Omondi Denis , remember we must share this body! mommy and daddy loves you sooo much , minimize your hospital trips, I will equally lower my stress levels , We love you Honey plis Kik injawa gi welo 🙏,” Akothee wrote.

Hours after announcing she was pregnant, Akothee shared a clip on Instagram showing her in the operating room with Omondi by her side.

She further announced that she lost her baby on 17th December 2022.

“Pole we lost our baby. Yesterday at 1.00 pm. 17th 12. 2022,” Akothee wrote.

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