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Akothee Painfully Recalls What Her Evil Mzungu Baby Daddy Did To Her After She Told Her Daughter To Call Him ‘Dad’

“I have never forgiven myself for misleading you to call a man who didn’t give birth to you dad,” Akothee told her daughter in part.

The singer reflected on the unfortunate incident that happened when she told her daughter Prudence alias Fancy Makadia to call her mzungu baby daddy ‘dad’.

Prudence was sired by Akothee’s first husband Jared Okello who parted ways with the singer.

After breaking up with Jared Okello, Akothee got pregnant for a Frenchman who sired her son Ojwang.

While dating Ojwang’s father, Akothee told her daughter Prudence to call him ‘dad’ – big mistake.

While celebrating Prudence’s birthday, the singer painfully recounted what Ojwang’s father did when she called him dad.


“To the woman I have lived to prove that there is lore to life than what is thrown at us. To those who denied you a chance to call them dad, they should come and see you now. Mommy, I have never forgotten how many times you would ask me if its okey to call papa Ojwang dad 🤣🧐🥺🙄🤐🙋‍♂️.

“Then I said its Okey, wee that’s the day I regretted hurting you. I have never forgiven myself for misleading you to call a man who dint give birth to you dad. Ile majibu tulipata, threw us bot into some PAIN.

“Until papa Oyoo came into the picture and you had a real dad. I dint know A child can miss something if not someone to call daddy.

“As you grow older, please make sure you give your children the Best. I wish you all happiness in your future life mommy 👩.

“You have made me proud. Thank you for finishing your education and always humble. I love you soo much @fancy_makadia




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