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Akothee Hits Back At Fan Who Claimed  She Influenced His Children Negatively

“You influenced my kids badly they hop from one man to another, Mbwa Wewe,” an angry fan told off Akothee.

She however hit back at the fan saying that his children picked the bad habits from him and their mother.

“Waliona Umalaya wako na mama yao mimi hawanjiui,” Akothee said

The mother of five had shared a photo of herself in a hospital bed, while speaking about the illness she has been battling previously, when the rogue fans struck.

“Since I learnt to say no without feeling guilty, I am at peace. This was my life 2018, 2019 and 2021. I came out strong,” she said and further explained what could have been the cause of her disease.

“The people you care for won’t care about you . There is only You to take you out of this situation. You are not sick ,you are sucked out and stuck. It could be from the person next to you , people you call best friends, family, your own children, your working environment,your colleges,there are alot of funny spirits moving around ,protect your sanity . You have only one LIFE LIVE IT,” Akothee said.

Another fan was however not convinced by her explanation and demanded to know what she had been battling.

“Sema tu ukweli, what is ailing you,” she commented on the post.

“AIDs” Akothee told her.


Another netizen went ahead to slam her for posing in innerwears only.

“Is this same you? Or this is shame you?” the Facebook user posed.

“Shame on you who has downloaded my nudes on your phone wait for your wife to catch you,” the artist replied.




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