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Akothee Forced To Explain Why Her Husband Does Not Post Her On Social Media At All 

“Huyu mzungu anakudanganya, mbona hakupost na wewe unampost,” Akothee was asked.

Hawkeyed netizens have noticed that it’s only Akothee who posts her husband Denis Schweizer aka Omondi/Omosh while he doesn’t post her at all.

Curious internet users confronted Akothee about Omondi not posting her when she took to social media to heap praise on her husband while sharing their romantic photos.

“When is your man posting you all over? Thank you,” Mary Glender asked Akothee.

Akothee in  a quick rejoinder laughed at Mary Glender’s question and claimed that Omondi is not on social media.

The mother of five further said that she was satisfied because her husband was posting her in his heart and mind.

“Mary Glender, my husband is not on social media. He is posting me in his heart, head and that’s enough. I am the star,” Akothee responded.

Omondi is on social media and he used to post Akothee until late last year when a Mombasa woman came out to claim that the mother of five ‘stole’ Omosh from her.

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