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Akothee Blames Herself, Reveals Why All Her Marriages Have Failed

“I’m the chief officer of failed marriages!” Akothee now says.

Akothee has boldly taken responsibility for the failures of her marriages, offering a candid perspective on her recent marital setbacks.

The multifaceted artist, who recently saw the end of her second marriage to Swiss Denis Schweizer (Omosh), has openly expressed the realization that perhaps matrimony is not destined to be a central part of her life’s journey.

Akothee’s marriage to Omosh ended just two months after a lavish ceremony at the Windsor Hotel in Nairobi earlier this year.

In the aftermath of this dissolution, the artist has engaged in introspection and come to the conclusion that her own approach to relationships might be the root cause of her marital challenges.

In a self-reflective statement, Akothee acknowledged, “I love myself to the extent that sometimes I feel like I’m too selfish, that’s why I’m the chief officer of failed marriages.” She expressed a keen awareness of her relationship struggles, recognizing that partnerships with her have proven to be demanding.

Despite acknowledging her shortcomings in the realm of relationships, Akothee confidently highlighted her strengths in other areas. “I’m the guru when it comes to marketing and all that. If you want me to advise you, let it be on business but not on relationships,” she asserted.

Akothee, a mother of five, conveyed confidence in her abilities as a co-parent, providing valuable insights in that regard.

At 43 years old, she disclosed earlier this year that she had attempted marriage three times before without success, emphasizing that she was only married once to the father of her children.

The much-anticipated wedding to Omosh took place on April 10, 2023.


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