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“Akimwaga Si Ulikua Unaskia Utamu?” Brian Chira Angrily Fires At Luhya Queen

Luhya Queen approached Brian Chira for help but he insulted her using very dirty words in live session.

The needy woman joined Brian Chira during a TikTok live session seeking his help to marshal his fans to fundraise for her.

Luhya Queen sought Ksh50,000 to pay a construction worker who is building a house for her.

She claimed her baby daddy has abandoned with with the kids and she had no place to sleep in.

“Najenga sina mahali pa kukaa na mtoto mvua inaninyeshea,” Luhya King said.

Her words really irritated Brian Chira who insulted her, stressing that she enjoyed the sex that conceived her kids and as such she shouldn’t bother people with her problems.

“Usiniambie any! Akimwaga si uliskia akimwaga? Ulikua wapi akimwaga? Si ulikua hapo unaskizia utamu? Si ulikua unaskia utamu? Look at you now! Amekuacha huna any,” Brian Chira ranted.

“Si ukiskia utamu tulikua hapo, saa unatuomba roses,” he added.

In spite of all the insults spewed at her, Luhya King still pleaded with Brian Chira to help her.

“Please naomba tu unisamehe,” she said.

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