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Actor Lenana Kariba And His Wife Helen Are Expecting A Child

Nyinyi lazima mtoe nguo zote alafu mvae shambala na mjipake jivu kama waganga ndio ikuwe baby bump shoot?

During a recent Q&A session with his Instagram followers, Lenana Kariba revealed that he was one year younger than his wife, Helen.

The two lovers had a private wedding at the Pineapple Beach Club, in the Caribbean islands of Antigua.

Unexpectedly, Lenana Kariba and Helen married without both of their parents in attendance.

The wedding happened fast due to the fact that they had grown so deeply in love that they were unwilling to wait any longer for other considerations to impact their marriage plans.

He was also the one who revealed this in a previous Q & A session.

When one of his followers asked if their parents attended the event, he replied, ” No it was just us alone.

We got to the stage where we realized life was too short to keep waiting for everything happening in the world to pass,so we found somewhere beautiful and went alone.”


Before they got married, the couple dated from 2020, after being friends for a while.

Lenana has announced they are expecting a child via his Instagram page.

“And then there were three. We are so excited to be growing our family in 2023 ūü•į!There is no one I would rather take this journey with – my queen is my everything and now our little mini me will be the centre of our world!”

Adam Maina believes this is a proper way to make such an announcement.
“Nyinyi lazima mtoe nguo zote alafu mvae shambala na mjipake jivu kama waganga ndio ikuwe baby bump shoot,” he says.


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