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“6 Men Broke Into Her House And Gang Raped Her” Brutal Murder Of Lesbian Sheila Adhiambo Sparks Protests

The gruesome murder of Sheila Adhiambo has struck fear into the hearts of homosexual community in Kenya who are now fearing for their own safety.

Sheila Adhiambo Lumumba was found dead in her house on Thursday April 14th. It was reported that six men broke into her house in gang raped her.

Postmortem report confirmed that the lesbian was gang rapped before she was killed. The autopsy report also indicated that she was hit her on the head, stabbed in the neck and her leg broken.

The killers also gouged out her eyes before stealing a gas cylinder. It’s still unclear who is behind the heinous act as suspects are yet to be arrested.

The postmortem report indicating the brutal way Sheila met her end has sparked protests on social media from the homosexual community.

Many members of the LGBTQ community expressed fear that hate crimes against homosexuality is rife and could only get worse of Sheila’s killers are not brought to justice.

Kenyans on social media have been calling on relevant authorities to intervene and ensure justice is served to the family the deceased.

Rights group Amnesty international also echoed concerns of raised by LGBTQ community following Sheila’s murder.





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