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32 Year Old Nuru Okanga Reveals Reason For Joining Form One

“Huyu mwenye haogopi president ataogopa principal?” Netizens ask Nuru Okanga.

Raila diehard supporter, Nuru Okanga, has embarked on a new journey by joining Form One. Breaking away from his role as a vocal critic of President Ruto and politicians he deems ineffective, Okanga is now donning a high school uniform, eager to pursue education at this later stage in life.

Sharing a photo in his high school uniform, Okanga expressed optimism about his academic journey. Known for his outspoken nature in the political arena, he hopes to channel his passion for change and improvement through education.

His decision to enroll in school, even at this age, is driven by a desire for personal growth and contributing positively to society but also run for political office come 2027.

Nuru Okanga as a student, now looks forward to a collaborative effort with teachers and fellow students to achieve academic success.

Choosing to enroll in a day school, Nuru aims to strike a balance between education and family responsibilities.

He acknowledges the importance of continuing to support his family while pursuing his academic goals.

His classes are scheduled to conclude at 4 pm, providing him with ample time to engage in his usual political activities and advocacy.

Interestingly, Okanga has opted not to disclose the name of the school for security reasons, driven by concerns related to his political affiliations and a desire for privacy.


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