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Zuchu Strongly Warn Gay Men Against Seducing His Sweetheart Diamond Platnumz 

“Huyu kwangu hapa hatoki hata mmpe mkundu,” Zuchu insisted that Diamond does not use sim 2.

Speaking at the full moon party show on the island of Zanzibar with Diamond, Zuchu insisted that she and Diamond are like a baby and sleep because they cannot break up today or tomorrow.

The photos and videos that have been distributed from their event in Zanzibar last weekend show the two in deep love positions. Contrary to their statements two days ago that they have separated.

Zuchu during her performance, decided to give information to the witnesses of their love on the other side telling them that if they were staying awake waiting for Diamond from his side then they will just destroy the candles until you die.

She warned gays against salivating after her man Diamond, insisting that the Wasafi boss does not seek pleasure from the sewage discharge that homos use.

“Ila wacha tutume taarifa kwa upande wa pili si ndio? Wanaohisi watamchukua [Diamond], nawaona mnamaliza Miungu, mnamaliza mikao na utundu, huyu kwangu hapa hatoki hata mmpe mkund*,” Zuchu said.

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