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Zari Explains Why Her Hubby Looks ‘Uncomfortable’ When They Are In Public

“Achekicheki ka Chizi,” Zari Hassan has reacted to claims her husband was uncomfortable in her presence.

The Ugandan socialite recently shared her photos with Shakib in form of a video.

The couple were partying hard at a club and Zari captioned the photo saying, “The only time you will catch me tripping…. with my husband.”

Many Instagram users were however concerned with Shakib’s mood and facial expressions in the series of photos.

A section of them claimed that Shakib was unhappy and uncomfortable as Zari grinded on him.

“It is like Shakib was edited to the pictures,” one comment read.

Zari responded  wondering how that could have happened.

“He was? Happiness now?” she said.

“But your husband looks unhappy,” another netizen posed.

Zari Hassan responded to the comment saying, “he doesn’t laugh unnecessarily. If you don’t see photos where he is laughing then try again.”

Several netizens claimed that the two looked like mother and son.

“Huyu kijana ana miaka ngapi, he looks age of your son,” one said and another added, “Tot that’s your son, I don’t understand.”

“12”, “Yes” Zari replied respectively.

In yet another comment, a fan said that Shakib was not dramatic or backwood.

“Hananga mambo mengi,” Zari agreed.


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Zari is about 10 years old than her husband. The two got married in a private ceremony in April this year and are likely to have a white wedding later this year.

Zari also told off those who were criticized her private marriage ceremony.

“Ukifanya party hapo ndio watu wanasema amefanya party, mwenyewe kajilipia, ana show off, halafu usipofanya pia wanaongea. This thing was between me and him kwenye Ramadhan akasema you know what we need to do this tukafanya. Na because si kitu ya kufanya kwenye showbiz kila mtu ajue so we just did it because it is so beautiful us and family. Inshaallah sometime maybe end of this year then we can have our white wedding,” the socialite said recently while in a tour in Tanzania



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