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“Ni Wash Wash” MP Zaheer Jhanda Shows Off Millions Of Dollars In Cash

“Kenya is doomed. Matiang’i was right in his prediction,” a netizen says after watching Zaheer Jhanda showing off cash money like Sonko did.

Kenyans are now seeing what was forecast during 2022 general elections. In a show off video that has emerged online, Nyaribari Chache Member of Parliament, Zaheer Jhanda, is seen counting a lot of money in cash and keeping it in a safe.

In the footage, Jhanda, who was seated beside a towering safe, could be seen transferring stacks of money from a black bag and carefully piling them into a brown bag.

He then proceeded to count some of the stacks, visibly exerting effort as if it were a strenuous undertaking.

Occasionally, Zaheer gathers the bundles that had fallen and meticulously arrange them inside a private safe, the whereabouts of which remained undisclosed.

Zaheer and Amber RayZaheer also dated Amber Ray before they finally ended the relationship.

Amber Ray encountered Zaheer during a period when she was financially destitute, and he bestowed upon her a lifestyle she had never experienced before.

According to Amber, the politician informed her that he was not married, despite having two children.

Jhanda, along with Speaker Moses Wetangula, was previously involved in a fake gold scam, implicating them as key figures. Additionally, individuals like Mike Sonko and Eric Omondi openly displayed the act of counting their wealth in public.

Journalist Abuga Makori while sharing the video captions it,”A video of Nyaribari Chache MP Zaheer Jhanda counting millions of dollars at an undisclosed place. Jhanda is one of the people who were previously implicated in fake gold scam along with Speaker Moses Wetangula.”

“Mike Sonko and Eric Omondi also counted their money in public. Jhanda is the first man of color to win an elective seat in Gusii land, a conservative region where even women struggle to get a breakthrough.” Makori adds further.

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