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Wilbroda Doubts If She Will Get Married Again After Her First Marriage Failed 

Actress Jacque Nyaminde aka Wilbroda recently blamed her sisters for causing her marriage to fail.

Now the actress-cum-Milele FM presenter has expressed doubts if she will ever get married again.

In a post on social media, Wildbroda shared video of her playing with snakes and said she was scared that she might not find a man to marry her.

“Sijui kama nitapata bwana na hizi tabia haku,” she wrote.

Recently, Wilbroda opened up about the circumstances leading to the breakup of her marriage.

The celebrated actress said the relatives she hosted in her house, especially her sisters, contributed to her marriage hitting rock bottom.

Wilbroda said her sisters invade her private space with her husband, something he complained about.

“My sisters were always at my house, and I didn’t see a big deal about it until later on, after we broke up, when he mentioned it to his friend,” Wilbroda said during an interview with a local publication.

“Seeing it currently, I’m like, I added to their coming. I overdid it. I appreciated their conversation, but it set me back,” she added.

The mother of one learnt her lesson the hard way and she no longer tolerate relatives at her house.

“I no longer entertain visitors, including family members. Individuals require personal space. One of the things is it. You must be intellectually ready to have companions over,” she said.

Due to difficulties in maintaining a friendship with her child’s father, Wilbroda openly discussed times when she considered raising her child alone.


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