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Why Rapudo, Amber Ray Resumed Intimacy Just 6 Weeks After She Gave Birth 

Amber and Kennedy Rapudo welcomed their first child together and quickly resumed intercourse weeks later.

The two lovebirds were blessed with a bouncing baby girl on May 12, 2023.

“Kumbe I just needed love ndio nitulie ūüėւĶ #5dayspostpartum #amberthebrand” Amber Ray announced her baby’s arrival on May 15.

Amber Ray and Rapudo started sleeping together six weeks after she gave birth.

Rapudo confirmed that they resumed their normal sex life after six weeks.

“Six weeks alinipea, we are back to her normal self,” he said.

Amber Ray explained that they resumed normal sex activities because she gave birth naturally thus healed faster.

The mother of two said she opted for a normal delivery as it would make it easier for her to bounce back to her normal self.

“I gave birth normally guys, Let me tell you Maina. The doctor refused to give us an epidurial. I went through everything, the pain was crazy.

“The reason I opted for a normal delivery is because one bounces back easily, I don’t like sitting around I love being on my toes doing something,” Amber Ray explained.



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