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Video Of Diana Marua And Bahati Acting As A Gay Man Goes Viral

“Come see what sitawahi acha Mola is doing!” “Bahati alipoteza mwelekeo!” Netizens say.

A skit video featuring Diana Marua, Terence Creative, and Bahati has taken the internet by storm. The video, which portrays a humorous scenario, has garnered significant attention from netizens and fans alike. However, it has also sparked a heated debate about Bahati’s evolving image and career choices.

The skit unfolds with Terence Creative assuming the role of Diana Marua’s sponsor, addressing her affectionately as “babe.”

Meanwhile, Bahati portrays a character of a gay man who resides with Diana. As the scene progresses, Bahati’s character becomes visibly perturbed by Terence’s endearments towards Diana and questions why she’s being called “babe.”

Terence then inquires about Bahati’s sexuality seeming from a previous conversation with her, to which Diana confirms that he is indeed her gay friend.

Money exchanges hands between Terence and Diana, and Bahati’s character, apparently swayed by financial incentives, appears to accept the situation, expressing his willingness to be referred to as gay as long as the money keeps flowing. The skit is titled “crazy things people do to get money.”

While the video is clearly intended as light-hearted entertainment and not a reflection of real-life circumstances, it has ignited a wave of discussion among fans and social media users.

Many people are left wondering what happened to their kid Bahati, once known for his gospel music and upright image, into a participant in such unconventional content.

bahati and DianaBahati, who was once regarded as a role model for many young people, is now facing scrutiny for his recent career choices and shift in public persona.

Fans and critics alike are questioning why he appears comfortable embracing cross-dressing and queer-themed content, which seems to deviate significantly from his gospel music roots.

Some have placed blame on Diana Marua for allegedly leading Bahati astray and influencing his departure from the gospel music scene although Baha already gave reasons why he left.

Accusations have also emerged suggesting that her influence has led him to abandon his once-praised masculinity and public image.

diana bahati dressPublic opinions remain divided on the new Bahati as they give him monikers like “Mtoto Wa Diana” “Kabahanye” and many others, with some applauding his willingness to explore diverse roles and break free from the confines of traditional expectations.

However, others are still disappointed by what they perceive as a departure from his earlier moral and artistic stance, with memories of the hit songs that made them love him still fresh in their minds, “Mama” and “Barua.”

Recently, one of Bahati’s long time nemesis Willy Paul, claimed that if his talent ever faded, and he was no longer the it, he’d rather die than cross-dress or act queer in content to survive these ruthless streets and waves that are fast moving and sweeping clean the entertainment industry.

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