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“Unakaa Poa Love” Sanaipei Tande Unleashes Hot Photo Leaving Kenyan Men Thirsty

Grown and sexy, Sanaipei Tande has redeemed herself leaving Kenyan men salivating and thirsty.

Yesterday, Sanaipei Tande faced backlash on social media following accusations by some Kenyans that she posted close to ‘semi-nude’ photos.

Sana shared three photos on her social media platforms in which she can be seen wearing a short-patterned dress that slightly exposes her big thighs.

The grown and sassy singer, served her photos with a caption that said, “Vile inafaa!! Goodmorning,” along with cheeky smiley emoji.

The revealing images garnered significant attention and sparked intense debates on Twitter, with many saying, she should act her age while some like singer Suzzana Owiyo told her to live her life with a care.

“Let Sanaipei Tande be. I don’t see any problem with her dressing & to all ladies out there, no matter your age, be you, do you. Let no one tell you that you’re ever past your prime.” Suzzana tweeted.

Sura Imekataa! Skimpily Dressed Sanaipei Tande Urged To Respect Her Age (Photos)

Many comments were made, with allegations that feminism had denied Sanaipei a chance to have her own family owing to the fact she believes in working her sweat, instead of setting down and letting a man cater to her.

The argument was supported with the fact that Sana refused Maina Kageni’s proposal of 500K monthly, a home in Lavington if she accepted to have a child with the classic 105 FM radio legend.

Sanaipei Tande rose to fame around 2004 as part of the music group, Sema that did well at a Coca Cola Talent Search, before embarking on a successful solo career. Since then, she has released chart-topping hit singles such as “Amina” and “Mfalme wa Mapenzi”, and has also starred in various popular Kenyan TV series like Kina.

Sana’s exceptional talent has earned her several accolades in music and film awards.

Via her Twitter account, Sana responded to the heat from Kenyans on Twitter saying, “Kumbe it’s not rocket science?”


Sanaipei Tande giving Kenyan men sleepless nights

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