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“Ugly Girl With Bad Character” Man Hits Akothee’s Daughter Where It Hurts The Most And She Responds 

Akothee’s daughter Rue faced off with a man who insulted her while making fun of her pimples.

The man shared a photo of Rue with her face infested with pimples as he insulted her.

He sent the message directly to Rue’s inbox.

“Ugly girl with bad characters thank God for your life,” the message read.

In a quick rejoinder, Rue reshared the message on her timeline and claimed the man was bitter because she turned down his romantic advances.

“Mkikataliwa mnakua wakali why 😂😂😂” Rue wrote.

Rue had earlier posted her face transformation. The 25-year-old model revealed that six month earlier she was struggling with pimples that had infested her face.

She was over the moon because of how her face was now smoother, after getting rid of her acne that had even caused her to have a low self-esteem.

“This moment really tested my self-esteem Wah 😭😭😭 this was like 6 months ago I wouldn’t even go out on a date eh 😂😂” she wrote.

Rue said it took prayers and use of some beauty products to make the pimples go away.

“This is me now 🥰 btw it took a lot of prayers and help from @bandaribeauty” she wrote.


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