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“Twa Hanana” Video Of Samidoh Flirting With A New Woman Raises Questions

In the video, Samidoh tells the woman, she is prime for motherhood and getting a child.

The two, look like sweethearts lost in their world, flirting with each other care free. Samidoh is married to Edday Nderitu and also has a relationship with Karen Nyamu.

In a lengthy social media post, Edday Nderitu, the spouse of Mugithi musician Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh, recently spoke out about the challenges in their marriage.

Edday shared that the past three years have been particularly difficult due to what she describes as her husband’s open humiliation.

Despite her fidelity throughout these challenging times, Edday stated that she has finally reached her breaking point.

She further revealed that she and Samidoh have been married for 15 years, with humble beginnings where they made do with little.

However, the past three years have been marked by pain and hardship, according to Edday’s social media post.

Karen Nyamu, Samidoh, Edday Nderitu

“I have remained faithful to you regardless of disrespect, humiliation and being trolled on social media…you’ve made me look dumb and took my silence for granted,” she added.

Additionally, Nderitu affirmed that she will not raise her children in a polygamous household. This comes after reports surfaced of Samidoh’s relationship with Karen Nyamu, a nominated senator in Kenya, with whom he has fathered two children.

The trio made headlines in December of last year after they were involved in a dispute while in Dubai. Following the incident, Karen announced publicly that she was no longer involved romantically with the Mugithi musician.

Samidoh is used to being spotted with women on videos severally, but this one has raised concerns due to the nature of their conversation.


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