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Trevor Now Dating Kemunto After Breaking Up With Mungai Eve

A short video went viral online showing Director Trevor and social media influencer She’s Kemunto looking very friendly together. In the clip, Kemunto even referred to Trevor as her “husband.”

This comes months after Trevor announced that he was no-longer working with Mungai Eve and that they ended ended their love and work relationship.

The video seems to be from when they were filming a promo for an upcoming event. Kemunto tells her fans to check out both of their Instagram accounts for updates. “Make sure you go to my Instagram bio and my husband’s bio, Director Trevor,” she says in the viral video, revealing her relationship with Trevor.

Trevor and Kemunto were dressed in matching outfits in the video. At one point, Trevor can be seen putting his arm around Kemunto and pulling her in close in what looks like an affectionate gesture between partners.

Neither Trevor nor Kemunto have confirmed if they are actually a couple or just portrayed one for the event promo. However, their body language and familiarity in the viral video has many fans speculating that they must be an item in real life too.

Trevor and Kemunto declined to comment on the relationship when reached out to give details.

Only time will tell if this was simply a fun promo or hints at an actual romance between the director and the influencer. Their fans will certainly be watching closely for any additional hints.


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