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Too Broke To Own A Car! Wema Sepetu Feels No Shame For Commuting On Public Transport

Wema Sepetu has been using public transport to commute in Dar es Salaam for the last two years, she doesn’t own a car anymore.

However, Wema doesn’t use Dala Dala (Tanzania’s equivalent of matatu), she moves around in a taxi.

Wema’s situation was brought to light by Tanzania’s number one gossipier Aristote (Edgar Obare of TZ) who said the that the Miss Tanzania 2006 is too broke she can’t afford to buy a car.

In a recent interview uploaded on YouTube by Foxe TV, Wema said that she was proud to be using a taxi to commute in Dar for the last two years.

“So what if I use a taxi? It is my own life and as long as I am okay with it, I care less. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. People can talk all they want because it is normal to talk about others. After all, I also talk about other people but you don’t have to make somebody know what you gossip about them,” said Wema Sepetu.

The Bongo movies actress further added that;

“If that is what makes him happy, let him continue because I don’t care as long as it does not cost me anything.”



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