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Too Beautiful To Resist! Photos Of Notorious Mchele Queen Terrorizing Men In Bars in Donholm, Umoja, Pipeline

Mchele queen who has been robbing male revelers by spiking drinks in bars across Embakasi area has positively been identified.

Theft by spiking is on the rise in Kenya, more so in the capital Nairobi. There are specific drugs commonly referred to as ‘mchele’ that criminals use to stupefy their victims.

Some of the drugs used in spiking drinks include; GBL (gamma-butyrolactone), Ketamine – popularly known as Special K- and GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) which is commonly referred to as the liquid ecstasy, and passed along as an energy drink.

GHB and Rohypnol can be bought from pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription, criminal exploit this loophole to buy these drugs to rob unsuspecting victims.

These drugs may come as tablets, liquid or even powder. They affect the victim fast and will make them weak, confused and out of control. They can also cause loss of consciousness.

The drugs are depressants that cause sleepiness and relaxation to the body. When introduced in heavy dosages, they can slow down body organs.

In most criminal cases which happened bars, the drug is dropped into victims’ alcohol, inhaled or sucked from breasts of the female perpetrators.

When a drink is spiked, the effects may last for up to 12 hours or more. It’s dependent on the amount used, the body weight of the victim, and the amount of alcohol one takes.

Some of these drugs reduce victims to zombies, obediently operating under the command of perpetrators by giving her your ATM card and PIN, or taking her to your home.

Crime buster Silverstone, a close ally and colleague to Hessy wa Dandora, has notified male revelers of a notorious mchele queen who is operating in Eastlands.

The female criminal whose name has not yet been divulged has been described as notorious for spiking revelers’ drinks with a drug that tranquilizes them for up to 12 hours, before robbing them of their possessions.

The mchele queen mainly operates within Donholm, Umoja, Buruburu, Pipeline, and Embakasi area.

“Area code Donholm, Umoja, Buruburu, Pipeline and Embakasi area this idiot amezidi. Kindly members of the public observe these photos, huyu mwanadada ni wakudungua watu mchele kwa kinywaji around those area and parts of Nairobi. We are appealing to members of public to share more info via our inbox,” Silverstone wrote.


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