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Thieves Steal Gun, Jewelry, Watches After Breaking In Zari Hassan’s Home

The thieves stole a government issued gun and also injured my security man, Zari Hassan says.

Zari Hassan recently fell victim to a brazen burglary at her residence in Uganda. The incident involved a break-in where perpetrators managed to run away with valuables, leaving behind a trail of theft, damage, and even injury.

Among the items stolen were not only high-end smartphones and laptops but also an assortment of jewelry and Rolex watches. A government-issued firearm was also stolen.

In the aftermath of the break-in, it has been revealed that one of Zari Hassan’s security personnel sustained injuries during the robbery. The circumstances surrounding the injury remain unclear, raising questions about the extent of the violence involved in this shocking incident.

Zari Hassan, a prominent figure known for her influence in both the entertainment and business sectors, has not shied away from sharing aspects of her life on social media.

However, this intrusion into her personal space has undoubtedly shaken both her and her followers. The violation of one’s home, especially when accompanied by violence, is a security challenge faced by many public figures.

Law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the burglary, aiming to bring the perpetrators to justice and recover the stolen items.


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