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Storm Over Paradise As Amber Ray And Kennedy Rapudo Un-follow Each Other, Delete Photos

Amber Ray has deleted photos of their blended family and Diani baecation with Ken recently.

Ken Rapudo, the boyfriend of socialite Amber Ray, briefly mentioned how life changed as a result of the couple’s formal declaration of their relationship.

The quiet entrepreneur claimed that netizens¬†are now all over his business, his “peaceful” life has been encroached.

“The first phase was very difficult because I was a private person.I did not have people snooping in my life. It caused me a lot of mental anguish because people mostly focus on the negative.”

“I have learned to grow thick skin.I told people not to forward or tell me anything they hear about me. The more you pay attention to the critics the more it distracts you. I have learned to live my own life.” Rapudo revealed.

Amber Ray claimed that she asked her boyfriend if he was ready and okay to date her considering that her life is constantly in the news.

“When we started dating I did not want us to go public.I knew he is very private, and things would be tough for him.You have done so well, I am very proud of you,” she said.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo

An true to it, netizens have noticed that some photos have been deleted and the two have since un-followed each other on Instagram.

During Christmas in 2022, the two unleashed beautiful photos of their blended family, with their kids.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo

The two lovers are expecting a child together.

In January of this year, socialite Amber Ray and her fiance Kennedy Rapudo made the announcement that they were expecting their first child together.

Rapudo was pictured behind Amber in the kitchen carrying a pregnancy test kit in the couple’s Instagram post.

Amber Ray captioned the photo, “Oh boy.”

Amber Ray, Kennedy Rapudo announce pregnancy

Recently, she posted saying, “You can‚Äôt have a blessed day thinking about who offended you and what didn‚Äôt work out. Think on the positive things.ūüėČ!”

The big question now is; are they chasing clout or is it a storm over paradise situation, for the two love-birds?


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