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Stephen Letoo Shares What He Does If A Woman Rejects Him On The First Date

Citizen TV journalist Stephen Letoo has revealed his code.

Men are being urged by Stephen Letoo to stop pushing relationships that don’t appear to be progressing any where in today’s¬†dirty dating market.

“In life, you must walk faster. If something is not working, don’t waste too much. Go do something if it calls you back, you can change and come back,” he says.

The exceptional political journalist advised individuals to quit spending their efforts on things that are unlikely to succeed in a conversation with Citizen.

He argued that a gentleman should quit spending his time and money on a lady if she rejects him on the first date and try another one.

Stephen Letoo

“Don’t waste your time chatting with someone who is not cooperating with you,” says the famous news journalist.

Letoo said in an earlier post that women should endeavor to be their¬†man’s primary choice since he will always¬†have alternatives.

The journalist has been outspoken about his opinions on polygamy, stating that women must battle to maintain their legitimate roles in the lives of their men or partners.

“If the first date, the person doesn’t cooperate, don’t keep pushing that life. Accept and move on. Don’t waste your time in one space, the person who embraces you on the first date, songa na yeye.” he further adds.

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