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Ssaru Demands 1 Million Only To Collabo With Ngesh

Ssaru says she can only do a chorus for Ngesh “Kaveve Kazoze” if she pays her Ksh 1,000,000.

Sylvia Ssaru has just unveiled the staggering amount that the sensational ‘kaveve Kazoze’ lyrics rapper, Ngesh, will need to dig deep into her pockets to bring their musical collaboration to life.

The shocking price tag has left fans shocked, and as many Kenyans wait anxiously now to witness the magic that will unfold when these two artists unite, the anticipation grows, and fans can only hope that the resulting masterpiece will be worth every penny if it ever happens.

Passionate Kenyan music fans on social media believe that Ssaru is undeniably the perfect artist to collaborate with Ngesh.

However, the resilient and grounded ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ hitmaker humbly acknowledges the challenges of securing a collaboration with an established artist.

She knows firsthand the struggles she faced when she was starting out in the industry, the countless hurdles she had to overcome to reach her current stature.

Ssaru offers a piece of advice to the aspiring Ngesh, ‘cash crop za Nyandarua ni Mawaru’ star. She will only work with her for fee of Ksh 1 million and will only feature in a chorus.

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