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Sonko Responds To Claims He Only Wants To Eat Rose Coco Of Slay Queen He Offered To Pay Bail For

“Mimi siamshangi” Sonko said after he offered to pay Ksh100,000 bail for slay queen arrested for damaging her boyfriend’s car.

The former Nairobi governor took to social media to ask for the slay queen’s whereabouts saying he wanted to bail her out.

“Fellow men, you can’t punish a woman you have been chewing for breaking things when she finds you chewing another woman. This is Imelda Mwendwa Kigunda. On Monday, the beautiful and innocent looking lady caught her boyfriend red-handed cheating.

“She badly damaged her boyfriend’s car and broke his TV. Yesterday, she was arrested. Today, Mwendwa was arraigned in court and slapped with Ksh 100,000 Cash bail,” Sonko wrote.

The former Nairobi governor further asked the slay queen’s friends and relatives to send him her number so that he could pay the Ksh100,000 bail.

“This is totally unacceptable, hebu friends and relatives of this lady send me the court case number with immediate effect so that I bail her out. Alafu, any lady lawyer apick that case and defend this lady I will meet the legal fees on her behalf,” Sonko added.

However, many netizens were not convinced that Sonko genuinely wanted to help the slay queen, claiming the former Nairobi governor had ulterior motives.

Many said Sonko wanted to bail out the slay queen so that he could get the leverage to sleep with her.

“Rosecocoa iko karibu kutembea,” Queen Jadder commented on Sonko’s post.

In a quick rejoinder, Sonko said he doesn’t erect and that even if he is left with someone’s wife throughout the night he can’t do anything.

“@queen_jadder mimi siamshangi hata ukiniachia bibi yako mpaka asubui hakuna kitu nitafanya,” Sonko wrote.




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