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“Kutu Ni Mbaya!” Shock As 110 Year Old Man Kills 109 Aged Wife Over Conjugal Rights

“Ogopa kutu man! At what point do this boneless thing retire?” Netizens ask following the incident.

In a shocking and tragic incident in Uganda’s Ntungamo District, a 110-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his 109-year-old wife to death. The gruesome act occurred at their matrimonial home in Kahunga, Ntungamo District, where Dominic Babiiha purportedly murdered Ms Costansio Bakasisa with a billhook.

According to Mr Samson Kasasira, the Rwizi regional police spokesperson, the incident unfolded on a fateful Saturday morning. Babiiha raised an alarm, expressing that he “couldn’t die alone.” Concerned, one of the granddaughters investigated the matter. Upon opening the door, she was met with a horrifying sight – the suspect armed with a billhook, ordering her out.

Kasasira recounted the events, stating, “The suspect then immediately started stabbing the deceased several times, forcing the other great-granddaughter to run out and seek help from neighbors.” Responding neighbors discovered Bakasisa lifeless, while Babiiha had locked himself in a room, unconscious, with a bottle of agrochemical beside him.

Preliminary police investigations revealed that the elderly couple, despite living in the same house, slept in separate rooms. The violence leading to the woman’s untimely death was allegedly triggered by the denial of conjugal rights to her husband.


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