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Samidoh Responds To Claims He Was Dumped By His Wife Who Moved To US With Their 3 Children

Samidoh was forced to address his strained relationship with Edday amid pressure from netizens.

Samidoh’s wife and his children left for the US in early May 2023 as conflicts with Karen Nyamu intensified.

Edday and her kids arrived in the US and they were met by her America-based friend Bernice Saroni who is hosting her and the children at her home in Boston, Massachusetts.

Karen Nyamu has been having a bliss ever since Edday left Samidoh for her and moved to America.

Samidoh and Edday Nderitu with their children

The UDA-nominated senator has increasing been posting Samidoh ever since Edday left.

She recently attended the graduation party of Samidoh’s younger brother where the singer’s parents and family members were also in attendance.

Samidoh finally responded to claims that Eddy Nderitu dumped him and moved to the USA with their children.

Trolls have been attacking Samidoh every now and then claiming that Edday dumped him because of his behavior.

Reacting to the speculations, Samidoh wondered why broke and poor people were soo much into his marriage and the lives of other successful people.

He went ahead and said that trolls love following the lives of people they even don’t know while talking about things they have no idea of.

He added that people are talking about someone who they will die before achieving half of what he has achieved in life. He concluded by telling followers that one day they will be ashamed since they know nothing about his life.

“Haha aki watoto wa malaya si mnapenda kufuata maisha ya mtu na vitu hamjui. Unaongelea mtu mwenye utakufa kama hujafika half of his achievement. Mta mta aibika siku moja,” Samidoh wrote.




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