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Samidoh Replies To Fans Asking When He Works As A Police Officer

“Samidoh huwa unafanya kazi ya musikari saa ngapi?” A netizen asks.

Samidoh, a renowned singer and police officer, found himself in the spotlight again as fans questioned his dual careers and schedule.

Currently in the United States to spend time with his children, who are with his estranged wife Edday Nderitu after a tumultuous period marked by infidelity, Samidoh has faced inquiries about his police work amidst his music career.

Known for his captivating performances in bars, clubs, and tours, Samidoh’s social media presence often revolves around his musical endeavors, leaving some fans curious about his law enforcement duties.

Despite sporadic mentions of his police work, the majority of his updates showcase his musical exploits, prompting speculation about the timing and extent of his involvement in both professions.

Responding to a fan’s inquiry on his Facebook page, Samidoh addressed the question with characteristic wit.

When asked about his work hours as a police officer, he humorously said that he could assume the role at any time.

Amidst the playful banter, Samidoh also took the opportunity to promote an upcoming pre-Valentine’s show scheduled for February 10th at the Hotspot Lounge in Lowell.samidoh


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