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“Ilikua Kipindiree” Samidoh Confirms Karen Nyamu Didn’t Buy Him The 420K Alcohol

“Hizo ni vipindiree za social media usichukulie serious sana, naweza rogwa bure,” Samidoh says.

In the era of social media, even the simplest actions can become the subject of intense scrutiny and controversy. Recently, Kenyan musician Samidoh found himself embroiled in a heated debate after a video posted by Karen, his lover and baby mama, claimed she had purchased alcohol worth a staggering 420,000 Kenyan shillings for him on Father’s Day.

To celebrate Samidoh on Father’s Day, Karen Nyamu stirred the internet by uploading a video boasting about buying Samidoh an exorbitantly priced alcohol gift.

The news quickly spread across various social media platforms, and the reactions were mixed. While some praised Karen for her generosity, others criticized her for what they perceived as an unnecessary and extravagant purchase.

Samidoh via social media to set the record straight and address the online drama surrounding the alleged extravagant alcohol gift.

He posted a photo of himself holding a beer and added a caption that seemed to dismiss the entire ordeal.

Samidoh wrote, “When you take beer, you don’t ask silly questions like with other expensive alcohols.” This statement caught the attention of Kenyans, who flocked to the comments section with a barrage of reactions and questions.

Pastor T was among netizens who criticized Karen for showing off her expensive purchase at a time when Kenyans are suffering economically.

Recently, Sue Gacambi made it known that the incident where Karen claimed he bought 420K worth liquor was a paid promotion as their feud escalated badly.


In response to one follower’s comment about whether the beer in the photo was the same 420,000 Kenyan shillings alcohol Karen claimed to have bought, Samidoh brushed off the claim. He clarified that the entire incident was nothing more than online act and confirmed that no such expensive alcohol had ever been purchased for him.

Samidoh urged his followers to take a step back and avoid taking social media events too seriously, emphasizing the potential harm they can cause through unfounded accusations and witch-hunting.

“Hehe! “Hizo ni vipindiree za social media usichukulie serious sana, naweza rogwa bure,” the mugithi singer reveals.

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