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Pritty Vishy Pranks Her Grandmother On Being A Lesbian

Pritty Vishy decided to prank her grandmother that she is a member of the LGBTQ+ community so as to see how she would react.

In a YouTube video, the content creator called her grandmother and told her that she had a secret she wanted to tell her and ¬†‘confessed’ that she is not interested in men.

“I think I don’t like men, I am one of the LGBTQ. I discovered that I like women therefore it means that if I get married to a woman I will not bear children although many people are against it,” Vishy said in the phone conversation.

The grandma however could not give her a straight answer about the matter and promised to think about it first. She added that being a lebsian was her decision.

“Eeeh, kweli? Sasa hio tutaita aje? Ushoga? have you told your mother about it. What style is that. That is your own opinion and decision. I can not comment on that right now. Let me think about it first,” she said.

Vishy however questioned her grandmother if they will welcome her female lover. The grandmother said that she will be welcomed since they can not chase her away.

The content creator promised to bring her ‘lover’ home during an upcoming wedding.

She was however puzzled by her grandmother’s reaction as she had expected her to scold her since she is a Christian.

Vishy is now planning to prank her mother about the same.



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