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Pritty Vishy Hires Stivo Simple Boy’s Former Manager After The Rapper Fell Out With Him¬†

Following a fallout with Stivo Simple Boy, Chingiboy has stepped into the management role for Vishy.

In a cheerful Instagram post, Chingiboy was seen embracing Vishy, signaling their newfound collaboration.

“Ma ex wakae kando! ūüėä Tupigeni kazi tuhepe umaskini! Pritty vishy ūü•į,” he wrote alongside the photo.

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In an interview with a local outlet, Chingiboy confirmed his new managerial position, expressing his contentment with the partnership.

“After parting ways with Stivo Simple Boy, I approached Vishy, and we agreed to collaborate. She is now under my management, and I’m pleased with our cooperation,” Chingiboy stated.

Chingiboy fell out with Stivo Simple Boy months ago and made life harder for him as he demanded that the broke rapper pay him Ksh150,000.

The manager demanded the sum to release social media accounts to Stivo Simple Boy. He had withheld the accounts’ passwords.

However, Chingiboy ultimately handed the social media accounts back to Stivo Simple Boy without getting paid.

The manager said he opted to hand over the accounts without charging the rapper because he emphasized with his situation.

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