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Prezzo Speaks Up After Being Accused Of Assaulting His Baby Mama 

Prezzo’s baby mama said he beat her up while trying to force her to do an abortion.

The allegations surfaced in 2022 after a close friend of Prezzo’s baby mama Isabella ‘Bella’ Belion leaked messages between the rapper and her.

Bella claimed that when she discovered she was pregnant in November, Prezzo vehemently opposed the idea, and the dispute led to her getting assaulted by the rapper.

The catalyst for the assault was the news of the baby mama’s second pregnancy, which Prezzo wanted her to abort.

Prezzo addressed the assault allegations while speaking during a recent interview on YouTube.

“I had a connection with a woman, not even a relationship, and she approached me, claiming she was expecting my child. Initially, I was skeptical since we weren’t dating, and suspected she was lying.

“But when I saw my child, she bore a striking resemblance to me. I accommodated her but made it clear that we were not an item, and the pregnancy caught me off guard.

“I was initially furious because she hadn’t informed me until she was almost due. They say blood is thicker than water, but I accepted the situation after seeing myself in the child,” Prezzo said.

The rapper explained that he did not defend himself when he was accused of assaulting his baby mama because people always then to side with women.

“People tend to side with the ladies. She tried to throw me under the bus, and when I went to settle the bills, they claimed it was Ksh80,000.

“I demanded to see the receipts, as I felt they had already judged me and were attempting to extort money from me. I strive to make the impossible possible and asked God for guidance. Later, she claimed to be pregnant again, but the baby didn’t resemble me,” he said.

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