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Photos: Ally B Laid To Rest As Family Asks That His Music Is Not Played Anymore

Ally B family has requested Radio,TV stations and DJs not to play his music.

Ally B was a Muslim has been laid to rest in Mombasa according to Islamic laws.

Ally B, whose real name was Ali Khamisi, had left an indelible mark on the Kenyan music scene, endearing himself to fans far and wide. His sudden departure has left a void in the music industry and the hearts of many who adored his soulful tunes.

According to his younger brother, Mohammed Ramadhan, Ally B had been grappling with pneumonia for the past two weeks.

The ordeal began when Ally B was admitted to the Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital (CGTRH) for treatment.

Initially, he was treated and discharged, but his symptoms persisted. Mohammed Ramadhan recalled the sequence of events leading up to his brother’s untimely demise.

“He stayed home for a week and then told us he was going back to Kilifi for other engagements. But on Sunday, he called home complaining that he was battling with breathing problems. He told us he was experiencing the same condition he felt when he had pneumonia,” said Mr. Ramadhan. Concerned about his worsening condition and low blood pressure, the family sought medical attention.

Ally B‘s health took a devastating turn, his brother explained saying, “We used traditional medicines to help in stabilizing his pressure, and he told us he [felt] better. We went back home, but after a while, his wife called me shouting that my brother, who was on the bed, was almost collapsing.” In a race against time, Mohammed Ramadhan did all he could to get his brother to the hospital, resorting to a tuktuk as the urgency of the situation was dire.

“Upon reaching the hospital, I realized he had breathed his last. I was carrying him on my lap. But we were already in the hospital, [and] the doctors came and pronounced him dead. My friend advised me to take him home because of the mortuary charges,” he added.

The loss of Ally B is a grievous blow to his family, friends, and fans who cherished his music and the man behind the melodies.

Ally B’s musical journey was a testament to his extraordinary talent, dedication, and the passion he poured into his craft.

His songs, such as ‘Maria’ became anthems that captured the hearts of listeners, blending the essence of coastal culture with universal themes of love, joy, and the struggles of life.

His unique ability to create music that resonated across cultures and generations solidified his status as a beloved figure in Kenyan music.

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

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