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Pastor Anthony Mwangi Wants Karen Nyamu Investigated For Buying Samidoh Ksh420,000 Alcohol 

Karen Nyamu bought Samidoh Ksh420,000 alcohol as a gift on Father’s Day.

Nyamu was seen arriving at a liquor store and requested the most expensive alcoholic drink in the shop.

“The most expensive one,” she informed the store attendant.

Accompanied by the store attendant, the senator checks all displayed drinks and settles for a Louis XIII a brandy by Remy Martin. The liquor is valued at Ksh420,000.

She paid the amount using her credit card, sparking debate on social media.

Nairobi preacher Pastor Anthony Mwangi, better known as Pastor T Mwangi, has hit out at Karen Nyamu and other politicians for living exorbitantly in total disregard of the plight of Kenyans amid the soaring cost of living.

While delivering a sermon at his Life Church Limuru, Pastor T lamented that politicians are living extravagantly yet they have already pushed a bill which will further burden Kenyans.

“I do not think there is someone who does not want to pay taxes. The problem is before we even pay tax someone has a watch worth Ksh8 million, another one has a watch worth Ksh3 million, another one is buying the boyfriend alcohol worth Ksh420,000 and another one is parading a new Range Rover worth Ksh20 million when ordinary Kenyans less than a year we cannot even afford meals. It is like an insult on your face,” Pastor T said.

“I know you have money, I know you can buy but it kind of feels like if this is how you want us to run, it is painful. I look at it and said I wish you can buy that boyfriend alcohol without showing us when we cannot afford to give our children food. And then you stand and pass a bill that affects all Kenyans,” he went on.

“Something is telling us, are we financing your luxury? Could we be financing your guzzlers? How I pray that these young men in parliament will hear this and know that you cannot raise an inheritance that is corrupted. It will eat your children,” Pastor T noted.


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