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“Nyama Kwa Nyama!” Pastor T Confesses Sleeping With 2 HIV Positive Ladies

Pastor T claims one of the ladies died followed by her sugar daddy soon after.

In a powerful testimony, Pastor T Mwangi shared his life story before finding salvation, recalling a particular Christmas that marked a turning point in his life.

Pastor T remembers going to a club during that Christmas season. A fight broke out, and a bottle was thrown, narrowly missing him and hitting the wall instead. Reflecting on the incident, he acknowledges that only God can explain how he escaped harm.

During that same Christmas, Pastor T encountered another life-altering event. He engaged in a risky behavior, having a sexual encounter with a lady who later succumbed to HIV/AIDS.

“On that Christmas, I was high and drunk and slept with a lady. Later, we buried that lady with HIV,” Pastor T shared, highlighting the consequences of his actions.

Undeterred by the tragic outcome, Pastor T entered into another relationship with a woman who had contracted the virus from her sugar daddy.

“I began to date another lady, and the same thing again. I was told that the lady was dating a sugar daddy, and he was sick, and we buried that man,” he continued, revealing the ongoing challenges in his life.

On Valentine’s Day the following year, Pastor T participated in a game with his friends, a bet centered around avoiding HIV/AIDS. The winner of the game was the one assured not to be infected.

“I was the one who won the game, and this is where I knew I had not been infected by HIV/AIDS. I said I had been preserved by The Lord,” Pastor T explained.

In a moment of gratitude, he emphasized that he went to a Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) center, and by the grace of God, his test results came back negative. Pastor T expressed profound gratitude for the preservation that he attributes to the Lord.


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