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Ladies Poleni! Otile Brown Announces He’s Soon Going To Be A Father

“Bizeee is soon going to be a papa..InshaAllah,” Otile Brown announces to his fans.

Renowned Kenyan singer, Otile Brown, recently made a thrilling announcement to the global audience, unveiling his imminent journey into fatherhood.

The sensational artist, famous for his chart-topping track “Dusuma,” shared this momentous revelation through a late-night post on his Instagram account.

Overflowing with joy, Otile Brown has joyously revealed to his followers in several posts on social media that he’s soon going to be a father.

In one of his updates, the talented R&B singer and songwriter openly acknowledged his long-standing fear of becoming a parent and the accompanying pressure and demands of embracing fatherhood.

“Have always been scared of becoming one” he says.

“Bizee is going to be a papa 👶 😍 inshallah” “I’ma love you hard kido #inshallah” Otile promises.

Based on the posts, it is evident that Otile Brown chose not to disclose further details regarding the child, such as the gender or the identity of the expectant mother.

Despite his fame and success in the music industry, he values privacy when it comes to personal matters, preferring to keep them confidential and away from the media’s attention.

Otile Brown’s inclination for secrecy extends to the point where the identity of his girlfriend, who is now expecting their child, remains unknown.

This decision to keep certain aspects of his life confidential has sparked numerous speculations online, particularly regarding the woman currently involved with the singer.

One prevalent rumor is that Otile Brown is romantically linked to the hot and stylish socialite Kabinga.

However, this grapevine is yet to be confirmed, as the ‘Watoto Na Pombe’ hitmaker has managed to maintain silent deep mystery around his personal relationships.

Curiosity among netizens comes from multiple instances where Otile Brown and Kabinga have been discreetly seen spending time together, igniting further speculation.

However, neither Otile Brown nor Kabinga has publicly addressed or confirmed the rumors surrounding their alleged relationship.

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