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“No, Siwezi Mzalia” Stivo Simple Boy’s Girlfriend Purity Vishenwa Fears Having A Baby With The Not So Handsome Rapper

Purity Vishenwa shocked viewers during TV interview when she stated that she doesn’t desire to have a baby with her boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy.

The Kibera rapper has been dating Purity Vishenwa popularly known as Pritty since 2019, however their relationship is VERY strange.

Stivo Simple Boy’s relationship with Purity Vishenwa was only made public in early January this year after the two were seen enjoying quality time together.

Vishenwa has since come out to reveal intimate details about her relationship with Stivo.

The actress turned YouTuber said that he met Stivo Simple Boy at Kibera Creative Arts (KiCA) centre where she had gone for acting gig in early 2017.

She further noted she friendzoned him until 2019 when they officially started dating.

“We were friends for quite a while before we decided to officially start dating in 2019,” Purity Vishenwa during an interview on Mutembei TV.

Vishenwa explained that they kept their relationship on the hush hush for long because she didn’t want to distract his music career.

Simple Boy’s girlfriend also disclosed that they live separately, saying that the rapper moved to Kayole from Kibera.

“We visit each other and mostly meet during weekends because Stivo is always busy during weekdays,” she said.

Staying together after dating for close to five years isn’t the only strange thing about Stivo and Vishenwa’s relation. She had earlier revealed that the rapper wants her to dress like a religious zealot.

Asked if she would have a baby with Stivo, Vishenwa’s answer was a strong NO. She also stated that she doesn’t want to get married to the rapper.

Interviewer: Unampenda Stivo (Do you love Stivo)?

Vishenwa: Yes

Interviewer: Unampango wa kumpa mtoto? (Do you have plan to have a baby with him)?

Vishenwa: No

Interviewer: Unampango wa kufunga ndoa (Do you plan to marry him?)

Vishenwa: No

Watch the full interview in the video below:


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