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“Nkikufa Musinichangie, Nichomwe Tu” TikToker Big Daddy Issues Directive For His Funeral

US-based Kenyan Tiktoker Big Daddy has asked the TikTok community not to contribute towards his funeral following revelation that he is battling a deadly virus.

Speaking in a TikTok video, Big Daddy said that if he dies in the US then his body should be cremated and the ashes sent back to his daughter in Kenya.

“If it happens that I die today here in the US musichange munipeleke nyumbani, don’t do it. Just nichomwe na my remains let them be send to my daughter back in Africa,” Big Daddy said amid tears.

“The only person who would be heartbroken if anything ever happened to me is my first child. She is 16 years old, and we are best friends,” he added.

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TikToker Big Daddy’s directives follow shortly after his wife disclosed his health condition publicly.

In recent months, Big Daddy has been embroiled in drama, particularly with his two US-based partners.

During a TikTok live, his wife, Mama Lydia revealed that she initiated divorce proceedings, signaling the end of their relationship and living arrangements.

On March 3rd, Big Daddy’s estranged wife took to TikTok to reveal shocking news about his health, alleging that he was battling a virus.

This revelation prompted Big Daddy to address the matter directly during a TikTok live session the same day, issuing the instruction for his funeral.

Big Daddy is a content creator who is known for his tall stature, bald head and beard.

The TikToker currently resides in Miami, Florida.

Big Daddy’s personal life has been a subject of interest among his followers. He is a father of four children, with three different women.


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