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Njoki Murira Celebrates As She Gains Over 300k Followers In Days After Her TikTok Account Was Banned

Notorious twerker Njoki Murira lost her TikTok account with over 2.7 million followers and her fans showed her unwavering support.

The TikToker opened a new account and fans were quick to follow her, amassing over 300,000 followers in just days.

Njoki Murira celebrated on her Instagram and TikTok accounts after gaining over 300,000 followers in just days.

“😂😂I’m happy yll🥰,” she wrote.


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A post shared by Njoki Murira 00 (@njoki_murira0)

The TikToker’s account with over 2.7 million followers was suspended abruptly leaving her without a source of income.

Njoki has now revealed that she has requested account recovery through an appeal process.

The Tiktoker has already initiated the account recovery process but the appeal is 50/50, she can get her account back or not.

“My main account is on temporary suspension; there is a possibility,” Njoki Murira wrote on her Instagram account giving her fans an update on the fate of her banned TikTok account.

As a back-up plan, the TikToker opened another account and urged her ardent fans to follow the new account.

The new account has since amassed a sizeable following with the number growing by the minute.

Njoki Murira has been minting serious money through TikTok.  In a past interview, she urged people to take content creation seriously revealing that she made Ksh3.4 million from TikTok platform in a span of five months.

The revenue was generated from her live sessions with thousands of her fans online to watch the content.

“Don’t get it twisted TikTok is for fun, but I do earn from it. You can make videos for fun, and you can go live for fun too. It’s up to you,” Njoki Murira said during an interview in March.

Njoki Murira gained a huge following on social media thanks to her twerking videos.


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A post shared by Njoki Murira 00 (@njoki_murira0)

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