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Nimo Unfollows Mr Seed After He Said Men Are Naturally Polygamous In A Podcast

“Hizi sasa ni nini unasema Mr Seed surely?” “People must really think I’m stupid!” Nimo tells her husband.

Gospel singer Nimo Gachuiri has taken to social media to express her anger and disappointment with her husband, Mr. Seed, over his recent remarks in support of polygamy. The couple, who have been known for their seemingly solid relationship, are now facing a publicized marital dispute.

The controversy began when Mr. Seed participated in a podcast where he discussed the topic of polygamy and made comments suggesting that men are “polygamous by nature.”

Nimo, who came across a snippet of the podcast, was immediately infuriated and couldn’t bring herself to watch the entire episode.

Venting her frustration on her Instagram stories, Nimo shared her disappointment saying, “So I saw the snippet of the podcast done by @mrseedofficial, him saying whatever he was saying, I didn’t even watch it, I was pissed off.”

She accused Mr. Seed of turning her into a public laughing stock and expressed her disappointment at being associated with such controversial statements.

She questioned the insensitive nature of his comments, emphasizing that they are parents in a committed relationship, and such statements could potentially damage their public image.

Despite Mr. Seed’s explanation that the podcast selectively highlighted controversial parts for trending purposes, Nimo insisted that the topic was too sensitive to be taken lightly.

She emphasized that, whether the comments were scripted or genuine, discussing polygamy in the context of their committed relationship was inappropriate.

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