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Milly Wajesus Wants Her Husband’s Child Whom He Sired With His Cousin To Be Part Of Her Family

Kabi Wajesus confessed he regularly slept with his cousins, admitting that incestuous relationships were rife in his family.

Speaking during a night vigil at Reign City Chapel in July 2022, the YouTuber claimed that his habit of sleeping with relatives was cultivated by his own family members who used to molest him earlier.

Blogger Edgar Obare in March 2021 exposed Kabi for neglecting a child Abby he sired with his cousin from their incestuous affair.

Kabi however refuted the claim that he sired Abby whom he referred to as his ‘niece’.

“The lady you see in this picture is my cousin, and the baby we took this picture with is called Abby and she is my niece. How can someone say you are the father of your cousin’s child?” Kabi posed when he was exposed.

However, in June 2021, Kabi admitted that he indeed sired the child with his cousin Shiko in 2013 ‘before he got saved’.

“Some of you might be aware of the matter involving me regarding baby Abby.

“I wish to confirm that Yesterday paternity results were issued that confirmed that I am the biological father of the child. The results confirm that, in 2013 (which was before I got born again and married), I sired Abby.

“I know this news comes as a shock to many of you who follow and watch us. I also know that my public comments about this matter gave a false impression which i deeply regret,” Kabi wrote in part.

Fast forward to May 2023, Kabi’s wife Milly addressed bullies who think that she hates her stepdaughter Abby, revealing that she supports her husband in ensuring that he has the best relationship with his daughter.

Milly insisted that she genuinely loves Abby and that she would want her to grow up knowing that her two kids Taji and Princess are her siblings.

“I really support my husband when it comes to supporting Abby. It has been a process for us merging the families, making her feel like she’s part of us and so far so good. I love how things are working and seeing Kabi spend time with his daughter. I love Abby interacting with my children and we really thank God,” Milly said while speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve.

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