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“Millicent Omanga Wewe Ndio Password Ya Roho Yangu” Kenyan Man Proclaims His Love For Mama Mradi

“Millicent Omanga, sina doh lakini naeza ku-maintain. Ulizia sifa zangu!” Tobias Wafula claims.

Tobias has openly declared his adoration and love for her.

According to reports, he claims to be a pharmacist who works at Trans Nzoia County government and that he has traveled to Nairobi, in order to meet politician and have a talk with her.

The man, who says he’s 30 years old, was seen at popular city spot Kenya National Archives, where such shenanigans are mostly expressed due to the nature of being a central meeting point with a lot of many people.

With a placard, the desperate man in love expressed his unending love for mama mradi.

“HON: MILLICENT OMANGA!! MILLICENT OMANGA!!! My Crush!!! My Crush!!! My perfect Match!”

“Wewe ni password ya roho yangu. Sina doh lakini naeza ku-maintan. Ulizia sifa zangu??? Hakuna foreman wa mjengo hanijui hii NAIROBI!”

His message reads in part. He goes on to say that despite his lack of resources, he is able to support Omanga’s way of life.

Millicent Omanga

Unfortunately, the man is on a clout chase to see if his art will bear fruits, with the little attention he hopes to get with his stunt.

“I am an artist and there are so many ladies I should have approached, but since Millicent Omanga is a public figure and relates well with people, seeking her attention would do better to my talent,” Wafula told Nairobi News.

Millicent Omanga

Omanga has a happy family and is a married woman with kids.

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